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However, as more electronics enter obsolescence, a growing number of companies is attempting to refurbish and resell valuable components from these devices, while others are shredding them to recover raw materials.
For a time, when the electronic recycling industry was in its infancy, the phrase, "Every company with a screwdriver calls itself an electronics recycling processor, was an apt definition of the state of affairs.
Likewise, though 69 percent of the survey respondents say they recycle household trash all or most of the time, 42 percent say they recycle electronics and 43 percent say they recycle appliances with the same frequency.
Most electronic scrap processed by MaSeR has been triaged by an electronics recycler prior to its shipment to MaSeR.
The Rolls directive will probably set the international standard for most electronics companies, whether they are Japanese, American or European," Heather Bowman, director of environmental affairs for the Electronics Industries Alliance, Arlington, Va.
But the logistics of securing household electronics requires a different approach and introduces a thorny issue of who pays the freight, literally and figuratively.
Americans are avid consumers of electronic products, induding both household electronics and workplace computer equipment.
the cost and demands of producing clean, homogeneous grades of plastics from EOL electronics have contributed to this delay in market development.
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