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Although telecommunications carriers were required since 1970 to cooperate with law enforcement personnel in conducting lawfully authorized electronic surveillance, CALEA, for the first time, requires these carriers to modify the design of their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that lawfully authorized electronic surveillance actually can be performed.
FBI electronic surveillance equipment enhanced the ability of investigators to penetrate the inner workings of this criminal enterprise.
Consequently, court authority for electronic surveillance is not required by the Fourth Amendment where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.
Accordingly, the use of a clone pager to simultaneously receive the transmission emitted from the pager's service provider to the pager is subject to Title III requirements and possibly to state statutory provisions on electronic surveillance.
Without a court order or an emergency affecting the life or safety of persons, Federal law prohibits the nonconsensual electronic surveillance of oral conversations in which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
7111, or the proposed Foreign Electronic Surveillance Act, would cover foreign governments or
The Australian Department of Defence has awarded a contract to Chemring Australia to deliver backpack electronic surveillance system for soldiers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 19, 2016-Wolters Kluwer Health division introduces updates to Sentri7 electronic surveillance solution
M2 PHARMA-August 19, 2016-Wolters Kluwer Health division introduces updates to Sentri7 electronic surveillance solution
TAP) - "Germany will soon hand electronic surveillance equipment to Tunisia" according to Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Defense Markus Grubel.
Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court did not deny a single government request in 2015 for electronic surveillance orders granted for foreign intelligence purposes, continuing a longstanding trend, a Justice Department document showed, Reuters reported.
AN electronic surveillance system operating on the border would not change if Britain exited the EU, Ian Paisley Jnr has said.
The draft law on electronic surveillance was discussed more than a year and the reports saying it was adopted over a week do not correspond to reality, he added.
Environmental and human rights activists, church leaders and gun rights advocates found common ground on Tuesday, filing a lawsuit against the federal government to halt a vast National Security Agency electronic surveillance program.
Telecom Section of NESPAK and SCADA have been picked by G/o Baluchistan as consultants for procuring and installing state of the art electronic surveillance and monitoring system for entire Quetta City.
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