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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

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Once the record copy of an electronic mail or word processing document was filed into a nonelectronic recordkeeping system, the remaining electronic original could be legally destroyed under GRS 20 (U.
Z, for the AMIA task force to develop guidelines for clinical use of electronic mail and the world wide web.
Office electronic mail-which runs on a local area network (LAN), minicomputer, or mainframeshares much in common with global electronic mail, and has many of the same advantages.
Until now, electronic mail has been restricted to intra-enterprise communications.
Moreover, sending electronic mail, which ought to be as simple as placing a phone call or posting a letter, is no simple matter.
20)New technology is also integrating voice mail with electronic mail, an obvious benefit of which is that both parties do not have to have a computer.
According to McDevitt, the system's integrated package of electronic mail, fax, and telex services has made the task of organizing global conferences much easier-both before and after the events.
Programmers also had to modify the electronic mail program and the Berkeley Unix 4.
Industry analysts agree that the greatest potential application of electronic mail will be for intercompany communications.
To that end, Psion has just introduced Psimail, a software package that allows users to connect to popular electronic mail packages through a cable and modem connection.
And with nearly 20 percent more actively planning to implement electronic mail in the near future, a clear message in dollars and cents is beginning to get through to vendors.
Experts with leading international software developer Icewarp specializing in secure electronic mail server technology announced the introduction of Instant Antispam.
The supervisor will personally answer at least some of his electronic mail, said Press Deputy Joel Bellman.
com), leading international software developer specializing in electronic mail server technology, today announced the introduction of Instant AntiSpam(SM).
Auraline's direct marketing service using electronic mails, so called richmedia direct E marketing service (RDM), is to send direct mails that usually delivered as regular mail via the Internet as electronic mail form.
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