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Almas Hyder recommended a complete electronic database should be established for encumbrances (checking of lines, mortgages, restrictions and the like) and make it available online.
From table 7 above, it can be deduced that the frequency of use of electronic database by postgraduate students was occasionally.
Illinois is one of 14 states that requested a risk assessment of its electronic database. Sandvoss confirmed that an assessment has been scheduled, but he couldn't say if the test, which typically takes two weeks, will be completed before the state's March 20 primary election.
But the electronic database will help patients avail treatment anywhere in the country.
has been charged with soliciting a bribe, gaining illegal access to an electronic database and tampering with data, forging and using a forged electronic document, forging and using a forged official document and unlawfully using four seals belonging to the said authority.
"The ARAMS1 is virtually identical so you should have no problem filling it out, but be aware that you need to post or fax it, not to your local authority but to SouthWestern, the company delivering the new electronic database on behalf of Defra.
According to the Committee, the electronic database is needed for statistics and analysis of traffic violations.
The agency has also failed to establish a centralized, electronic database of pilots' flying skills.
The Dashboard is designed to provide an at-a-glance view of all the aircraft in the fleet, current and upcoming trips, the status of electronic database updates and fleet maintenance monitoring.
Abu Dhabi The Zakat Fund has launched an electronic database that can link the organisation to zakat (a donation to the needy required by Islam), to improve collection and management of funds.
The system also builds an electronic database of the receipt, processing, assembly and shipping of materials, making it ideal for defect, scrap, fraud and theft detection.
The information collected has been gathered in a freely available electronic database. The Serum Metabolome database (SMDB) contains detailed information about small molecule metabolites found in human serum.
The electronic database enable to monitor the granting, custody, transfer and cancellation of emission quotas and emission reduction credits, to guarantee public access and, if necessary, confidentiality of data.
The MOU, signed by the secretary of the Libyan office for Employment and Vocational Training, Brigadier-General Saleh Rajeb, and the Egyptian Minister of Labour and Migration, Mrs Aicha Abdelhadi, stipulates that the Egyptian side will set up electronic database that includes the names of Egyptians who express the wish to work in Libya in accordance with the needs of the local market.
The law creates a new electronic database in an effort to modernize logs that already are kept on paper, making it possible to instantly track excessive purchases of pseudoephedrine.
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