electronic countermeasures

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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Like many of the systems discussed in this article, the Prism II can be connected to a ship's electronic countermeasures and combat management systems to provide radar classification and information regarding the hostile emitter's location.
The ECM system was so poor that, during Strategic Air Command's 1989 bombing competition, some BIB defensive systems operators were reduced to simulating electronic countermeasures by calling in over the radio "JAM, JAM, JAM" when they detected competition threat signals--signals that should have been automatically countered by the B-1B's sophisticated ECM systems.
Its size earned it the nickname, the "Whale." The EA-3B, with specialized electronic countermeasures, and its crew offered the fleet unique reconnaissance capabilities for numerous Cold War-era conflicts and crises, including the Vietnam War.
Most of the anti-ship missile homing systems currently fielded are well protected against electronic countermeasures. There is always a danger that deceptive jamming will be detected and "decoded" by the missile seeker, making the jamming a source of missile homing (home on jam).
Israeli contractor Elisra Electronic Systems has launched a new electronic countermeasures suite that it claims is suitable for installation aboard any type of naval vessel.
These devices are used in military communications networks, and systems related to electronic countermeasures, precision guidance, radar, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.
Rounding out its inventory of products is the EA-6B Prowler, electronic countermeasures aircraft and the upgrade on the early-warning E-2C Hawkeye.
The purpose of the framework agreement is to provide new technical capabilities in the field of electronic countermeasures and their associated services for the forces of the national gendarmerie and the national police.the framework agreement is concluded for a period 2 years, renewable twice for one year.
"Koral is a ground-based EW system, and in order to effectively counter surface-to-air missiles, especially the kind of missiles that the S-400 uses - missiles that are specifically designed to withstand enemy electronic countermeasures - you need air-based EW systems," Mikheev told the Russian media.
The Aim-listed Gateshead company has won a pounds 2.5-plus deal to supply electronic countermeasures which will be fitted on military helicopters to help protect them from ground-launched missiles.
Lieutenant Colonel James Stewart, an EA-6B electronic countermeasures officer (ECMO) and U.S.
The future business unit EADS Defence Electronics will be responsible for warning sensors, central computers, and electronic countermeasures. The MUSS consists of three main components.
Signal Technology Corporation (Nasdaq:STCO) has announced that its Defense Group has been selected by Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation as sole-source supplier of the next generation of Band 4 and 5 transmitters for the AN/ALQ-131 aircraft electronic countermeasures (ECM) system.
As with AIDEWS, SIRF C is designed to provide its host platform with advanced radar warning, situational awareness and an electronic countermeasures capability.
This involves: 1) development of up to 87 new functions which will improve the ewms system, Including the embedded training (et), Electronic countermeasures assistance program (ecap), Pilot vehicle interface (pvi), Electronic warfare mangement support tool (ewmst) and handling of sub-systems (missile warning system (mws), Radar jammer (jmr), Radar warning receiver (rwr) and chaff/flare dispensing system).
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