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Use electronic communications means belonging to physical or legal persons during contra terrorist activities; Carry out monitoring of electronic communications; Temporarily block (up to 30 days) content based on an Information Security Order that should be validated by the court in 5 days; and In case of two or more materials urging for terrorist activities or justifying such activities are placed in an information system, the court may order permanent blocking or a blocking for a period of up to one year of the access to the respective informational system or its certain parts on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 30, 2017-Erado secures patent for journaling, archiving of electronic communications
Erado is an innovator in electronic communication compliance, delivering archiving, analytics, security, and hosted services to customers worldwide.
Electronic communication constitutes time spent by the parent with the child, but takes place apart from actual physical custody.
Paper-based surveys of 76 staff before adoption of Patient Gateway, a secure Web portal for electronic communication with patients, found that 44 feared that patient e-mails would increase their workload.
Candid communication between a CPA and client is vital to providing the best possible service, but there may be pitfalls: If a client's loss of a case turns on the inadvertent disclosure of an electronic communication, the attorney and/or accountant could be sued for malpractice of subject to disciplinary proceedings.
A provider may disclose to law enforcement official's contents of an electronic communication, if the provider reasonably believes that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury requires disclosure without delay.
Convergence," a buzzword spawned by electronic communication and commerce tools, was the subject of a one-day seminar by the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) in New York City in March called "Verge.
This article sets forth some background facts about the explosion in the use of electronic communications systems in the workplace, briefly summarizes applicable laws, and provides a 10-step action plan for employers to monitor such systems in the workplace.
Some physicians point out that electronic communication enriches the medical record.
Today's corporate uses of Internet technology fall into two broad categories: electronic communication inside the company walls, which often replaces mountains of paperwork; and electronic communication outside the company walls, as a means of conducting business-to-business commerce or sharing information with suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.
For the moment, though, the technical demands that make this building such an exciting landmark are genuine, and fulfilling them makes electronic communication both visible and susceptible to celebration.
Digital marketing is transforming the way organizations communicate their message, and the CWA jury saw firsthand how innovation in electronic communication helps companies to stand out from the competition," said Michael Reilly, chair of the 2009 awards jury and president of Boston-based Reilly Communications.
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