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having a negative charge

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And a high electronegative oxygen atom with only sigma bonds is modelled with M2 transistor (Vth = 0.2), values adopted from [22].
In this study, electronegative HA covalently bound to electropositive chitosan via EDC to formulate assembly into NPs with drug loading activity.
When hydrogen binds to highly electronegative elements (such as oxygen), the combined electron couples are more attracted to oxygen, so that oxygen becomes more negative than hydrogen [21].
If a single electronegative molecule such as oxygen approaches the semiconductor surface and its electron affinity [[chi].sub.O] is larger than the semiconductor work function WS, then the molecule will capture an electron and become adsorbed on the surface.
Unlike in the absorption however magnitude of the wavelength shift in emission maxima with the introduction of the more electronegative functional groups, from BPIP to NPIP, cannot be explained solely as linear combination of the functional group and auxillary ligand electronic effects.
These analyses were capable of providing more sensitivity at low concentration of pictogram (pg) using only 25 mg from the sample and improving the detection of compounds during the analysis owing to the electronegative moieties.
Moreover, slight blue shift of two featured peaks of N[H.sub.2]Ph-BNNTs was also observed, which may result from the grafting of the electronegative aniline groups.
The fact that all of the N[O.sub.2] groups optimized as being perpendicular to the six membered ring is also not surprising, as a structure with the nitro groups coplanar with the ring would put the electronegative oxygen atoms of the N[O.sub.2] groups in proximity with the electronegative oxygen atoms of the ring.
Under these conditions, two types of linkages confer stability on the aggregates: electronegative functional groups of the organic matter bind to the electropositive domains of the oxides, and [Al.sup.3+] ions form bridges between oxide domains (Vrdoljak and Sposito 2002; Six et al.
Desalted samples demonstrated an absence of compounds containing higher O/C ratios, likely from removal of compounds containing electronegative O.
In combination with the electropositive (or electronegative) treatment of the substrate in the presence of Ag/Au nanoparticles, it increases bending elasticity.
It was demonstrated that native LDL does not cause lipid accumulation in cultured cells, whereas modified particles, such as oxidized, desialylated, glycated, and electronegative LDL, are highly atherogenic [9, 59].
The formation of thiourea was evidenced by the strong absorption peak at 1265-1227 [cm.sup.-1] corresponding to v(C=S) which shifted to the lower frequency due to the attachment of more electronegative nitrogen atoms [25].
In acute birdshot retinochoroiditis the electroretinogram may develop a reduced B wave (electronegative) which, if treated, may well reverse over a period of time [11].