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It is also mulling the flotation of its electron tubes business and Siemens Nixdorf's retail and banking systems operation.
and Thomson Electron Tubes and Devices Corporation.
Cade's company, which sells such components as electron tubes and fiber-optic conductors to AT&T and the federal government, grossed $800,000 in sales last year.
Examples of products made by these establishments are capacitors, resistors, microprocessors, bare and loaded printed circuit boards, electron tubes, electronic connectors, and computer modems.
In his capacity as a Finishing Engineer, he developed the technique of square wave analysis of high screen current rejects in electron tubes.
Editorial covers a range of topics in the field, including electron tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, semi-conductor materials, thick-film materials, resistors, capacitors, solid-state memories, microwave circuits and systems, sensor technology, VLSI technology and device processing.
Toshiba's electron tubes business will be separated into Toshiba Electron Tubes and Devices Co.
Components manufactured by the company include passive components, electron tubes and lithium niobate wafers for the telecommunications, automobile and consumer electronics market.
Prior to the introduction of the pentode, electron tubes had lower power than their applications needed.
He has also held various management positions within TAEC with responsibility for rechargeable batteries, and various display products including Electron Tubes, Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs), Color Display Tubes (CDTs), and Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs).
Penta Laboratories, founded in 1951, is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Vacuum Tubes, Capacitors and Electron Tubes for Broadcast, Industrial, Marine, Medical, and Avionics applications worldwide.
Electron tubes and devices manufacturer plans to make extensive use of ANSYS(R) Workbench(TM) for virtual prototyping and testing
I am confident that he will be able to capitalize on and improve our existing manufacturing resources which enable us to engineer and produce world class RF and microwave components and subassemblies, electron tubes and vacuum devices, and leverage this strength to other technologies we acquire in the future.
Products include electron tubes, microwave generators, radio frequency ("RF") and microwave components, power semiconductors, data display monitors and electronic security products and systems.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Electron Tubes
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