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an elementary particle with negative charge

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We have to relax the constraint on the electron inertia and take into account the role played by the electron mass.
A popular theory of dark energy, however, does not fit new results on the value of the proton mass divided by the electron mass in the early universe.
l = h / mc = 10 -13 cm should have rest mass 275 times larger than that of electron mass.
In addition to providing a practical introduction to mass spectrometry, this book addresses the spectral interpretation of even electron mass spectra generated from soft ionization techniques-a fast-growing area with tremendous potential in biomolecule analysis.
That's still just one-third of the speed of electrons in graphene, but in principle the electron mass can be further reduced - and their speed increased - if different metals are used to coat the silicon, he added.
gamma],min] expressed in units of the electron mass.
is the reduced Planck constant, and m is the electron mass.
Based on these wavelength and energy measurements, scientists can calculate the effective electron mass for specific electron bands.
Therefore we will compute their masses (index b) comparatively to the full electron mass (index e) as follows:
g]] is the ratio of the mean electron-fluence-weighted electron mass stopping power of the medium to that of the gas.
Hereinafter all the numerical values of the mass, size and speed are given in dimensionless units: as the respective proportions of the electron mass [m.
contour is close to the mass of a W-boson, replacing the electron mass with the [tau]-particle mass we obtain
Eddington who accepted some of Furth's ideas presented the equation for proton to electron mass ratio calculation (10[[mu].
For appropriate size we mean that, the unit cell edge associated to the electron mass is given by a characteristic momentum of the Planck's scale.
Therefore we notice that by making the choice indicated by equation (7), the explicit dependence of B on the electron mass m and on the maximum quantum number N has disappeared.