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an elementary particle with negative charge

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From the basics and principles of mass spectrometry to specific applications with examples, Even Electron Mass Spectrometry with Biomolecule Applications covers:
which is [square root of 2] times the angular frequency associated with the electron mass energy.
1] (from Table 8), in the electron mass stopping-power ratios (from Table 11), and in the humidity correction (+0.
When expressing the electron mass as a proton resonance, then ln [m.
9) corresponds to the bare electron mass, me, the second term corresponds to the expected electron energy contribution to the mass operator, whereas the third nontrivial term is the virial contribution to the mass operator.
and shows the direct gravitational interaction between the electron mass and the Planck particle masses within the PV.
e/[square root of [alpha]]) is the electron's bare charge, e is the laboratory-observed charge, and m is the electron mass.
The electron mass results from the massless bare charge being driven by ultra-high-frequency photons of the zeropoint electromagnetic vacuum [4,10]; so the bear charge of the electron exhibits a small random motion about its center-of-motion.
The electron mass m now appears on the right side of the equation of motion, a radical departure from equations of motion similar to (1) and (5) that are modeled around Newton's second law with the mass multiplying the acceleration r on the left of the equation.
Eddington who accepted some of Furth's ideas presented the equation for proton to electron mass ratio calculation (10[[mu].