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the electrode that is the source of electrons in a cathode-ray tube or electron microscope

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Appearance (a) and general scheme (b) of equipment for the electronic processing of optical elements: 1--vacuum chamber; 2--electric drive mechanism for moving of the optical elements; 3--temperature control system of optical elements based on thermostat RIF-101; 4--vacuometer VIT-3; 5--vacuometer VMB-8; 6--PC for installation control; 7--central unit of automatic control system; 8--electric control unit; 9--modules of temperature measuring in the area of processing and sensing of electron stream; 10--power supply and control system of Pierce electron gun
In this work we have deposited thin silicon layers on the glass substrates under the same deposition conditions with different thicknesses of 100, 140 and 180 nm by electron gun evaporation method.
Electron holography was not pursued strongly until the introduction of the field-emission electron gun on electron microscopes in the late 1970s.
A synchrotron uses giant magnets, radio waves, and something called an electron gun to push electrons until they move at a blistering 99.
The TV uses a large number of super-miniature electron emitters which jointly act as a single electron gun in cathode-ray tube TVs.
It is possible to make a so-called electron gun with which a stream of electrons may be fired at a target.
Such a CRT must be thick enough so that the electron gun isn't too close to the screen; otherwise, the image becomes distorted.
Technology: An electron gun fires high-speed electrons at the screen, exciting a phosphor that gives off red, green or blue light at a given picture element (pixel).
Again, a super benefit of the flat screen monitors is there is no electron gun firing thousands of electrons at a phosphor coated grid screen that hopefully is adequately shielded.
Progress, reported in seven papers at the recent Particle Accelerator Conference, includes excellent agreement of injector beam measurements with envelope calculations; descriptions of the beam diagnostics, controls and alignment system; electron gun simulations; and initial energy analyzer measurements.
In addition the monitors can be enhanced with the optional USB blue eye hardware calibrator which allows users to adjust each electron gun in the monitor individually until the optimum settings are achieved.
Like something out of a "Captain Marvel" story, the diminutive propellers were fabricated using electron gun evaporation, isotropic etching and electron beam lithography.
The electron beam is produced by an electron gun and then directed toward 4 tungsten targets.
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