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meter to measure electrostatic voltage differences

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Keysight aims to help meet these challenges with the addition of the B2980A series of femto/picoammeters and electrometers to its B2900 family of instruments, which includes the B2900A SMU series and the B2960A series of low-noise sources.
As accurate as electrometers are, a variety of error sources can degrade charge measurement integrity if not taken into account.
Multiple, low-noise electrometers are used for particle detection.
They are commonly used in applications such as charge amplifiers, high-resolution electrometers, and piezo elecric devices.
The OBSs were supplied by groups from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and electrometers and magnetometers by scientists from WHOI, Australia, France, and Japan.
Tiny electrometers could be used to "pick up electrical field signatures on the surface of a semiconductor," adds Fulton.
mid) annex mi-003 electrometers and according to the decree 358/2013 laying down the procedure and conditions in the field of introduction and operation of intelligent metering systems in electric power 4.
There will also be a reconstruction and replacement of cables, shifting of electrometers and a construction of a transformer in the village of Dolna Dikanya near the city of Pernik, which will cost about BGN 88 000.
He is also demonstrating high-sensitivity inertial sensors and electrometers.
In addition, Keithley offers a range of standalone picoammeters and electrometers as well as the production-oriented S600 Parametric Test System with DC through RF capabilities.
There are any number of benchtop instruments that can be used for sensitive electrical measurements, including picoammeters, electrometers, source-measure units, and AC+DC current sources combined with nanovoltmeters.
Illustrated catalog has almost 200 pages with sections on biosensing, micromanipulators, microscopes and cameras, behavioral science, pumps and fluid handling, tissue and cell culture, electrometers, data acquisition, spectroscopy, microelectrode pullers and bevelers, and laboratory supplies.
This leads to the suggestion of an early possible application as electrometers for measuring extremely minute electric fields.