electromagnetic wave

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Quad band compact size trapezoidal PIFA antenna," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 21(7): 865-876.
As a watchdog for the telecommunications industry in the country, we are of course concerned about the harm from electromagnetic waves.
where [subset]is the velocity of electromagnetic wave in vacuum.
Use of TDK original ferrite electromagnetic wave absorbent tiles to achieve cutting-edge absorbent performance.
Charles Frost is Chief Consulting Scientist directing development of new electromagnetic wave (EMW) pipeline corrosion testing methodology at Profile Technologies, Inc.
SALT LAKE CITY -- NACE CORROSION 2012 (booth #233) -- Ecospec announced today the first corrosion and bio-fouling control system leveraging patented Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic wave technology.
Conventional optical lattice clocks cannot eliminate influences of electromagnetic waves released from grid walls surrounding the atoms, which disrupts the cycles of the atomic vibrations.
Now, substituting solution U from (3) in (4), we find the vector longitudinal electric field of longitudinal electromagnetic wave
Nevertheless, their difference is the energy-stress tensor of the gravitational wave component that is accompanying the electromagnetic wave component.
Electromagnetic wave absorbing, heat conductive silicone rubber compositions
Electromagnetic wave propagation in turbulence; evaluation and application of Mellin transforms, 2d ed.
It is pointed out that Special Relativity together with the principle of causality implies that the gravity of an electromagnetic wave is an accompanying gravitational wave propagating with the same speed.
Increasing public exposure to electromagnetic wave emission is a form of environmental pollution," he states in the study, "in both cases, naive personal consumption will lead to global pollution, which eventually may hurt humans.
Recent changes in the structure of both sheets and couplers, however, resulted in new electromagnetic wave control technologies that further suppress the leakage of electromagnetic waves.
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