electrolytic cell

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a cell containing an electrolyte in which an applied voltage causes a reaction to occur that would not occur otherwise (such as the breakdown of water into hydrogen and oxygen)

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For the operation of aluminum tapping and anode replacing in electrolytic cell, two systems for increasing the negative pressure were developed.
The electrolytic cell was disposed as a by-pass in one of the resistors so that any redox reaction (ATKINS; PAULA, 2002) between electrodes and electrolyte inside the cell caused a difference in the electric potential which was indicated on the voltmeter display (EISBERG; LERNER, 1981; MIODUSKI, 1982; FIALHO, 2002).
Perfluorosulfonic acid polymers (PFSA) and perfluorocarboxylic acid polymers (PFCA) are typical fluorinated functional polymers that have been used to prepare ion exchange membranes, which serve as the barrier membrane to separate the anode and cathode compartments of electrolytic cells in the production of alkali metal hydroxide and chlorine [6-9].
Current density, the amount of power supplied over the area of an electrolytic cell, is paramount when considering the reaction kinetics for electrochemical reactions.
pool market, the technology has predominantly been used in residential pools, where salt is added directly to the water and chlorine is generated through an electrolytic cell. This form of chlorination has become so popular that statistics show more than 70 percent of newly constructed residential pools opted for saline chlorinators last year.
A film of water only 10 molecules thick along with contaminants could create an electrolytic cell that can start the process of corrosion.
Providing immediate visual confirmation that the electrolytic cell is working, the Kal-Guard+ controller is fitted with a status monitor.
CATHODE--The electrode of an electrochemical cell at which reduction occurs; the negative terminal of an electrolytic cell; the positive terminal of a galvanic cell; the electron-emitting electrode of an electron tube.
The mixed-oxidant generator uses only salt, water, and an electrolytic cell to generate the solution on demand.
This study is designed to complement the development of an electrolytic cell (based on patented technology [8]) that is capable of producing alkaline hydrogen peroxide.
Effective electrolyte polishing is also claimed to be an important factor in maintaining even current densities between the cathodes and anodes -- with each electrolytic cell at Townsville drawing around 23,000 A, and the refinery's total power consumption estimated at 8.5 MW, energy conservation is paramount to the overall profitability of the refinery.
The Envirox unit contains an electrolytic cell to generate chlorine dioxide on demand from a single precursor.
The technique involves the use of the cathodic compartment of an electrolytic cell. With this process, oxidation reactions are inhibited, and product shelf life can be extended.
Back in 1989, Jones claimed he saw low levels of neutrons produced by an electrolytic cell. Neutrons are fusion's fingerprints, and Jones' name appeared in news accounts alongside Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann as one of cold fusion's founding fathers.