electrolytic capacitor

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a fixed capacitor consisting of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte

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In our three examples, ranging from electrostatic capacitors to electrolytic capacitors to ultracapacitors, the charge-separation distance has in each instance dropped by three orders of magnitude, from millimeters (10-3 meters) to microns (10-6 meters) to nanometers (10-9 meters).
In the end, this report discusses the new SWOT project analysis and Investment feasibility return analysis and gives related research conclusions and development trend analysis of Global and China Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor industry.
BHC Aerovox is an electrolytic capacitor manufacturer with net sales of around EUR30m last year.
com/research/2e18b2/global_and_chinese) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Market Report, 2010-2012" report to their offering.
Power Integrations' efficient, accurate, single-stage, primary-side-control technology, featured in LinkSwitch products, eliminates both the electrolytic capacitor and the also-unreliable optocoupler used in traditional isolated flyback designs.
Tenders are invited for Offer For Supply Of Electrolytic Capacitor 10000 Mfd
An electrolytic capacitor has two electrodes, one with a dielectric, that relies on electrostatic charge storage.
BHC Aerovox is a British-based electrolytic capacitor manufacturer with 219 employees.
The FL7730 and FL7732 combine primary-side regulation and a single-stage PFC topology to minimize total bill-of-material count, such as an input electrolytic capacitor and feedback circuitry.
TDK-Lambda Americas announced 50-Watt ZWS50BAF and 75-Watt ZWS75BAF power supplies which combine efficiency, even at low load conditions, with a wide operating temperature range, small size and up to 10-years electrolytic capacitor life.
99% - into high-purity aluminum foils, which are then marketed by SDK to electrolytic capacitor manufacturers.
The new SMD series combines the low ESR of polymer capacitors with the low leakage current characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor technology.