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the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it)

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It has been shown in this study that post-operative Hb and electrolyte monitoring contributed to a change in the management of only 14% of patients as only 2.7% patients needed blood transfusion and 11% patients needed treatment for hyponatremia.
The UL Classified line includes the Smart Blinky Remote with an edge-mounted indicator LED; the Smart Blinky for batteries where the top can be seen; and the low cost Blinky Basic for accurate electrolyte monitoring. Philadelphia Scientific, 215-616-0390,
In subsequent follow-ups close serum electrolyte monitoring is needed.
Likewise, periodic electrolyte monitoring, especially in times of concomitant illness, change in therapy, or reintroduction of therapy, may detect early cases of hyponatremia.
Bedside blood gas and electrolyte monitoring in critically ill patients.
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