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an apparatus for the electrical transmission of pictures

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electrical device used for etching by electrolytic means

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Hypertensive Heart Disease: Blood pressure 140/90 mmHg or above with clinical, radiological electrocardiographic and/or echocardiographic evidence of enlargement of heart but no evidence of ischemic heart disease clinically or electrographically.
Typically, seizures initiated 12-65 min after pilocarpine was injected (31.7 [+ or -] 17.8 min, mean [+ or -] S.D., n = 9) and manifested both behaviorally and electrographically. The seizure onset time of seizures was determined by visual inspection based on LFP recordings and confirmed by at least three authors.
Seizures in neonates are often difficult to diagnose because their presentation is frequently subtle, and some of them can only be diagnosed electrographically. Electrographic seizures occurring in the absence of clinical seizures in neurologically abnormal newborns are reported to be common.
Once the patient experienced a seizure, either clinically or electrographically, the nurse and EEG technologist would communicate via an intercom system to verify that the patient's EEG displayed an electrographic correlate and it was appropriate to inject the isotope.
Since it has been shown that hippocampal evoked potentials vary with vigilance state, all experiments were conducted during times when animals were in the state of quiet waking which is characterized behaviorally by animals lying on the floor of the cage posturally relaxed with eyes open and electrographically by desynchronized EEG activity with occasional low amplitude spindles and delta waves [38, 39].