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medical instrument that records electric currents generated by the brain

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The electroencephalograph for each trial was segmented with a 200 ms prestimulus to 800 ms poststimulus epoch.
These studies have assessed the influence of missing data on the complexity of electroencephalograph signals.
A-active moment = assisted active movement; R-active movement = resisted active movement; PNF = proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation; I-passive stretching = intelligent passive stretching; VR = virtual reality; CP = cerebral palsy; EEG = electroencephalograph; EMG = electromyography; LF group = low- function group; MF group = moderate-function group; HF group = high- function group.
In order for the researcher to observe brain activity as well, the test participants were linked up to an electroencephalograph (EEG).
Ancillary test: electroencephalograph, single-photon emission computed tomography, transcranial Doppler, and cerebral angiography.
The global electrophysiology devices market segmentation is based on product types (electrophysiology monitoring devices, electrocardiograph, electroencephalograph, electrocorticograph, electromyograph, electroretinograph, electrooculograph, holter monitoring devices, x-ray systems, imaging and 3D mapping systems, diagnostic electrophysiology catheters, electrophysiology treatment devices, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, pacemakers, catheters, radiofrequency electrophysiology ablation catheters, cryoablation electrophysiology catheters, laser ablation catheters, microwave ablation catheters).
Among the topics are remote gripping for effective bilateral teleoperation, interacting with augmented reality mirrors, using a design science research approach to develop a human-computer interface artifact for designing web interfaces, a robotic assistive system: developing a model based on an artificial intelligence technique, and identity assurance through electroencephalograph recordings.
Changes have been observed in volumes of cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral blood flow, altered intracranial pressure and electroencephalograph (EEG) in astronauts in a weightless environment.
Each of the players underwent a quantitative electroencephalograph (QEEG) and 15 sessions of neurofeedback training over 30 days.
Specifically, the study investigated the effects of consuming chocolate on electroencephalograph (EEG) frequencies, localization within the brain and on blood pressure.
Participants performed baseline-testing including: mood survey, auditory recall, visual recall, reaction test, heart rate, electroencephalograph (EEC), Stroop test, and blood glucose.
He added: "These waves can be recorded with a standard electroencephalograph, so impairment may be diagnosed early."
Using commercial smartphone hardware that leverages Google's Android operating system, the Ahead 200 records and analyzes a patient's electroencephalograph (EEG) using a custom sensor attached to the handheld to provide an interpretation of the structural condition of the patient's brain after head injury.