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Synonyms for electrocute

kill by electric shock

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kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair


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An ultra-Orthodox Israeli soldier who was convicted of abuse this week for beating and electrocuting Palestinian detainees will not be expelled from the army, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told Al Bawaba on Thursday.
The electricity wires snapped near Akbari Masjid in Korangi Bengali Para, electrocuting Nur Muhammad 40.
According to Thai newspaper reports, those who were nearby could do nothing to help for fear of electrocuting themselves.
I was told the reason one block had electricity and the other did not was that the first block was filled when the state was killing with the electric chair and they didn't want the condemned electrocuting themselves privately, but by the time the second row was filled, the state had shifted over to killing by lethal injection, so there was no more fear of men cheating the executioner by electrocuting themselves.
Remollo said that at about 10 a.m., the water level of the river started to rise with the tide, causing water to seep unnoticed into the pit until it reached the power connection of the men's water pump, electrocuting Ogabang, Bukonseho and Miguel who were in the pit.