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kill by electric shock

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kill by electrocution, as in the electric chair


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According to the reports, a man identified as Murtaza Solangi was electrocuted while touching an electric wire in Soorih Mohalla.
As the rod touched live wires, the three came in contact with live wires and were electrocuted.
Keiyo South police boss Wilmoth Mwakio said a relative Michael Kipchirchir who rushed to the scene to rescue the two was also electrocuted to death.
In another incident t Afaq son of Qasim , student of 9th class student was electrocuted by touching wire and died on the spot.
Viorel was electrocuted when a tipper truck he was operating touched an overhead power cable.
The cable also had visible tears on it, which may have electrocuted her with the current, the report said.
Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], August 10 ( ANI ): A national-level wrestler, Vishal Kumar Verma, died yesterday as he was electrocuted at a water-logged Jaipal Singh Stadium in Ranchi.
Dubai: A worker, who attempted to steal electric cables and absconded after his accomplice got electrocuted, has been jailed for three months.
Summary: An activist who went on a hunger strike last year to demand the resignation of the Cabinet passed away Friday after being electrocuted.
Ajero, a 14-year-old student high school student, who did just that, was electrocuted to death in Sitio Batan, Barangay Gaongan, Sipocot town, this province last Monday morning.
The 82-year-old man who was electrocuted earlier on Thursday while building a sukkah for the upcoming holiday of Sukkot that begins next Sunday night has died of his wounds.
According to rescue sources, a man and a child were electrocuted in Orangi No.
A 23 year-old student, Alexis Charalambous from Nicosia, died on Friday night after being electrocuted while attempting to rig up lights powered by an electricity generator at a Meneou beach party in Larnaca.
AT least 20 people have been killed in the Haitian capital after a man on top of a carnival float was electrocuted and set off a panic in which dozens of people were trampled, witnesses and officials said.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Rabi'II 28, 1436, Feb 17, 2015, SPA -- At least 18 people on a packed Carnival float in the Haitian capital were killed Tuesday when they were electrocuted by a power line, AP reported.