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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of electricity and the production of electricity by chemical reactions

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James Akridge, an internationally acclaimed electrochemist and president of JRA Advisors; Dr.
Collaboration involving synthetic electrochemistry with a world-leading electrochemist, Prof.
Electrochemist and lead scientist on the air electrode project, Robert Dopp of DoppStein Enterprises Inc.
Many other special purpose circuit elements have been invented by the electrochemist to model other processes.
Bard, an electrochemist at the University of Texas at Austin.
Birss is a highly respected electrochemist, with many years of research experience in fields related to EVI's core business.
The power to see a fraction of a monolayer adsorbed on an electrode, while under potential and environmental control, in situ, has given the electrochemist a new set of eyes.
That he was able to deposit different materials in a controlled fashion is significant," says Bruce Parkinson, an electrochemist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
Gamry Instruments will be attending and exhibiting at the event and will be represented by Max Yaffe, Vice President, Chris Beasley Electrochemist and Marketing Manager and Dr.
Mitchell, an electrochemist at Loughborough (England) University of Technology.
Stanley Pons and British electrochemist Martin Fleischmann ignited a global research firestorm -- now greatly diminished -- by publicly claiming they had found a simple, room-temperature means for unleashing potentially vast amounts of fusion energy.
It's not the sort of thing that you, as an electrochemist, would predict could happen," he says.
These things are witches' brews," says electrochemist Gregory C.
Paul Gifford, an independent electrochemist with no sales or marketing pitches.
In a press conference in Salt Lake City, the scientists -- Martin Fleischmann, an electrochemist at the University of Southampton in England, and chemist B.
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