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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of electricity and the production of electricity by chemical reactions

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Its author, John Bockris, is a physical electrochemist who has served on the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania, Flindeers University of South Australia, and most recently Texas A&M University.
David Kelley is an electrochemist in the Metallurgy Division of the NIST Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory.
Enlisting the able pen of her electrochemist husband Robert, Elizabeth embarked on a 2004 follow-up titled I Live in America, blending art and history into a fanciful armchair trek across the country.
Bertocci, an electrochemist formerly with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, performed research on the potential passivating effect of a new chemical deicer--calcium magnesium acetate-on the corrosion potential of rebars embedded in concrete containing sodium chloride (rock salt).
Cathodes made of the new material could drop the price of small lithium-ion batteries, says electrochemist George Blomgren of Blomgren Consulting Services in Lakewood, Ohio.
Jack Chang, an electrochemist and laboratory head in the Analytical Sciences Division, called attention to the increasing use of ion-selective electrodes for measuring electrolyte concentrations in body fluids.
In 1898, Austrian electrochemist Carl Auer von Welsbach developed a filament made from the metal osmium that was 60 percent more efficient than GE's carbon filament and longer lasting as well.
James Akridge, an internationally acclaimed electrochemist and president of JRA Advisors; Dr.
Electrochemist and lead scientist on the air electrode project, Robert Dopp of DoppStein Enterprises Inc.
Many other special purpose circuit elements have been invented by the electrochemist to model other processes.
Collaboration involving synthetic electrochemistry with a world-leading electrochemist, Prof.
However Dr Allan Paterson, senior electrochemist at battery company Axeon Power, said people in the battery technology field widely question the lifespan claims of the Leaf's battery pack.
Bard, an electrochemist at the University of Texas at Austin.
Paul Gifford, a leading independent electrochemist.
Dr Allan Paterson, senior electrochemist at Scottish battery firm Axeon, says the lithium manganese pouch battery is a well-established technology that is "reasonably" specced and priced.
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