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medical instrument that records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart

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The Spaulding Electrocardiograph 2100iQ has been optimized to visualize collected real-time digital ECG data via Bluetooth[R] using iOS[TM] 7+, Android[TM] 4.
The air ambulance is equipped with a 12-lead electrocardiograph which provides paramedics with the information to make a diagnosis and administer the drugs.
Design, use, and maintenance of medical electrocardiograph devices adhere to the following IEC safety standards:
That would require full-scale, onboard, diagnostic electrocardiograph equipment, which only a small fraction of ambulances currently have.
AUTOMATIC external defibrillators (AED) are a simpler, more compact version of the 12-lead electrocardiograph (ECG) defibrilators used by paramedics.
Things like pulse oximeters and electrocardiograph machines are needed in the workplace, not finger scanners
Extra computer equipment, an electrocardiograph machine and exercise testing facility would cost an estimated pounds 72,000.
It incorporates a large touch screen, a video camera and a voice and picture navigation system together with a thermometer; blood pressure/pulse, blood sugar, oxygen saturation sensors; a stethoscope and an electrocardiograph device.
A new form of defibrillator can examine a patient's electrocardiograph and prompt medical personnel on how to proceed.
com)-- Wireless, hand-held electrocardiograph designed to streamline the collection and transmission of ECG data for doctors and patients.
The hospital received an electrocardiograph and two sets of computers with printers.
Automatic transmission of information takes place via a wireless modem in the patient's room from an electrocardiograph unit fitted under the skin.
In a clinical setting the electrocardiograph is one of the most important pieces of information in determining root causes and possible treatments, yet it is also one of the most difficult to interpret when time is of the essence.
Funds will be also be used to procure electrocardiograph equipment and defibrillators.
He hooked Fudgie up to an electrocardiograph and sent the results to cardiologist Debbie Hadlock of Cardio-Pet in New York.