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a storm resulting from strong rising air currents

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Incidence of and risk factors for electrical storms
GUILDFORD GUILDFO Flashes in the sky early yesterday over cathedral LONDON Capital's skyline is lit up during overnight barrage NEWQUAY EWQUAY A Dramatic electrical storm over the Cornish coast
The men had to be flown to hospital after getting caught up in a sudden electrical storm on Saturday afternoon, and were said to feel "incredibly lucky" to have survived.
However, she double-bogeyed the 10th hole just before play was suspended due to electrical storms.
WELSHMAN Jamie Donaldson successfully combated the hailstones, violent electrical storms and heavy rain to card a level-par 72 on the opening day of the Australian Masters.
Elmo's Fire, which produces flashes of light during electrical storms, not the 1985 Demi Moore movie "with the haunting theme song," according to the home design reporter.
But even then the journey was hampered by huge electrical storms, which caused power cuts, and heavy rain throughout the night.
An epilog contains interesting updated information about electrical storms.
A LIFEBOAT crew made a gruelling 150 mile journey yesterday to pick up an injured fisherman because electrical storms made a helicopter rescue too dangerous.
Electrical storms were forecast, which meant a rescue helicopter could not be sent out.
DALLAS -- Electrical storms in implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipients are common, unpredictable, and debilitating--and the investigational antiarrhythmic drug azimilide reduces their incidence by up to 55%.
The Halifax, Huddersfield Union Handicap Team championship, sponsored by Taylor & Whiteley, which was abandoned on June 19 due to electrical storms, is re-scheduled at Fixby tomorrow when Willow Valley defend the title they won over their home course last season.
The bad news is that electrical storms are forecast for Wednesday night and most of Thursday; the good is that there's a sunny day forecast for Monday in the event of extratime.
Load cells mounted outdoors are sometimes subject to damage due to electrical storms but the 740 has integrated surge-protection components that have already been shown to reduce the incidence of lightning damage by as much as a factor of ten.
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