electrical phenomenon

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30/2014 - open procedure, divided into eight lots, for the assignment of insurance services for the following policies: fire and other risks (lot 1), cumulative injuries (lot 2), rct / rco (lot 3), machinery breakdown and electrical phenomenon (lot 4), theft (lot 5), pollution (lot 6), legal protection (lot 7), rc sheet (lot 8) for a period of 23 months starting from 01/31/2015 - total gross amount of 460 000.
Biophan and AMRIS solutions enable stents to be viewed under MRI without being subject to the Faraday Cage effect, an electrical phenomenon that ordinarily makes stent-imaging extremely difficult.
Transmission of these odor signals to the brain is thus strictly an electrical phenomenon.
The wind turbine configuration in the system is capable of alleviating unwanted electrical phenomenon and providing support to the electricity grid.
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