electrical fuse

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an electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded

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In addition, this technology offering also includes mixed signal and radio frequency functionality to support analog and wireless design, embedded high density memory to support integration of logic and memory, and an electrical fuse option to support customer encryption needs.
Q The main electrical fuse panel in our aluminum foundry is near the cleaning and finishing room.
On 22 November, a fire started in an electrical fuse box under the control room of the BR2 (Belgian reactor2) at the nuclear research centre in Mol.
dryers and barbecue grills), whereas the gas load center focuses flexible interior piping systems into one central location for servicing (the gas equivalent of the electrical fuse box).
North Wales fire and rescue service said a blaze broke out in an electrical fuse box at Ewloe Green Primary School in Flintshire at 11.
A fire in an electrical fuse box left two youngsters trapped in an upstairs room.
The mishap, blamed for an electrical fuse shortage, stopped all trains on the Marunouchi Line for 20 minutes, while the section between Ikebukuro and Ochanomizu was out of service for 2 hours and 25 minutes.
Supervisors are required to mark all electrical fuse, switch and circuit breaker boxes with correct voltage.
Other C-Series II enhancements include: a self-adjusting serpentine belt drive on the engine; sealing of electrical fuse cover; easier access to filters; better seals on track chain; heavier carrier-roller shaft; and thicker rear sheet metal.
Tenders are invited for Knife Edge Non Deteriorating Non Indicating, Low Voltage Electrical Fuse For Railway Signalling.
Tenders are invited for Non Deteriorating Non Indicating Type, Low Voltage Electrical Fuse For Railway Signaling Ratedcurrent 2 Amp.
Startco is performing at the high end of expectations and the electrical fuse business is steadily improving.
Increases in Startco sales also contributed, while electrical fuse sales increased in line with normal seasonality," said Gordon Hunter, Chief Executive Officer.
Memory built-in self-test (BIST) support for TSMC electrical fuse intellectual property (IP) for single-insertion embedded memory repair