electrical energy

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energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor

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The researchers discovered the high-tech material can act as a microphone (by capturing the vibrations from sound, or mechanical energy, and converting it to electrical energy) as well as a loudspeaker (by operating the opposite way: converting electrical energy to mechanical energy).
The per capita share of the distributed electrical energy however declined by 3.
Under the legal modifications and the liberalization of the electrical energy market, the production of solar electricity will be sold according to the market conditions of electricity traders, as well as of operators and suppliers of electrical energy.
However, analysts assess that there is room to reduce the price in Macedonia because if the price of electrical energy is compared to the standard of living, Macedonian citizens pay high electricity bills.
Stochastic electrical energy of current system effective transmission to voltage system energy storage hypothesis verification;
These cogeneration units, which produce steam and electrical energy at the same time, enabled Solvay to prevent the emission of some 4 million tons of carbon dioxide last year.
Kuwait, 10 September: Demand on electrical energy goes up eight percent every year due to development, architectural expansion, and the increase on of the number of people, said a researcher.
Researchers at the Maryland NanoCenter at the University of Maryland, College Park, have developed new systems for storing electrical energy derived from alternative sources that are, in some cases, 10 times more efficient than what is currently commercially available.
3] of water insured for the consumption includes a huge quantity of electrical energy necessary for the transportation, treatment, distribution, different internal technological processes of the water supply system.
Why on earth do we need these ineffective providers of intermittent electrical energy anyway?
The energy in the water has been provided by electrical energy in raising the water to a height where it will flow through the mains by gravity.
Instead of relying on a petroleum engine, his dragster would cruise to the finish line powered by an electric motor that converts electrical energy into speed-boosting energy of motion.
Experiments were designed to measure the electrical energy required to carry out a kraft cook and the electrical energy required to "cook" an equivalent amount of water.
The device, called the Shark Shield, uses electrical energy to get the job done.
The Solis faucet's integrated power-plant storage cell transforms light from any source into electrical energy.
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