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control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit

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Since acquiring the property in 2011, we have invested in improving the base building infrastructure while also adding resiliency since Superstorm Sandy by moving critical lire safety, electric switch gear and telecommunications equipment to the second floor.
So I proceeded to the kitchen but, of course, I use an electric kettle and my gas stove starts with an electric switch.
If the electric switch for the hydraulic seat on your M1117 armored security vehicle (ASV) goes bad, don't replace it with NSN 6150-01-577-4987 (Item 1 in Fig 69A of TM 9-2320-307-24P).
The charging port has been reworked to improve usability and security and its release mechanism now uses an electric switch.
We have a new understanding of the brain; even civilians have a new vocabulary--we understand what might happen when there is a chemical or electric switch that malfunctions in a rather complicated set of working parts.
The officials found old furniture stored on the ground floor near the electric switch room.
These include the main water shutoffs and the well electric switch.
By detecting changes in the electric field, the EPIC sensor can also drive a relay to act as a simple non-touch electric switch.
We flick the electric switch these days and take everything for granted.
Following a simple unlatching of the roof before a 12-second press of the electric switch for it to pivot on its axis and fold into the boot lid it leaves some 270 litres of stowage space available.
A traditional piezo electric switch requires a stress to be created in the piezo electric crystal, creating an electric pulse output.
The MS41 is a magnetically actuated electric switch featuring a compact, dual-compartment design that isolates the 10 A DPDT (double pole.
Getting in and out of the back seats is very easy with the rear-hinged doors and Rolls-Royce has overcome the difficulty of closing them from the inside by fitting an electric switch and motor to the side of the back seat.