electrical storm

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a storm resulting from strong rising air currents

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Danger lurks every step of the way as they cross the devastated landscape hounded by killer electric storms and suspicious strangers.
Guitars bristle and melodies make their mark in the pervading edgy mood where crackling electric storms never seem far away.
There are mazes, floods, and arson; there are references to power wires and electric storms, as well as fireworks, auroras, projector beams, lanterns, fires, and many other forms of illumination: "Light throbbed in the folds of clouds" -- all of which fail ironically to shed much light on "the wicked world below," or the "lonesome pain" of some.
But increased incidence of electric storms and the theft of copper from standard lightning protection systems was also forcing companies to upgrade their protection under the threat of insurance policies being invalidated.
I dashed upstairs and stuck my radio and my theory was confirmed, with electric storms sweeping the country.
Gale-force winds and electric storms failed to dampen spirits of Holme Valley visitors to France.
The year was also remarkable for the amount of thunder recorded, with 15 days of electric storms.
The first step is to identify specific risks, such as: facility and equipment hazards that can result in flooding to records storage areas, risky storage practices that increase the risk of fire, and periodic electric storms or tornados that could endanger digitally stored vital records.