electric storm

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a storm resulting from strong rising air currents

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They were finally allowed into the church at 5pm but Bono - whose new single is called Electric Storm - and Ali were smuggled in the back door.
Her incurable condition was triggered after she was in a violent electric storm 20 years ago while on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall.
An electric storm flooded basements in four streets within Chester's walls.
A fierce electric storm was raging and reports say the tail of the five-year-old aircraft was hit by lightning.
In the drenched, deserted streets, the only sound was a cacophony of wailing burglar alarms, set off by the electric storm.
They more than erased that brief cricketing electric storm in which Thunder and Lightning left their mark on Mike Atherton, Alec Stewart and John Crawley, who managed just 20 runs between them.
The piece de resistance was her 1966 psychedelic mini dress of fabric so acrylic that it could have caused an electric storm if rubbed the wrong way.
Atherton set the locals a target of 377 at a run-a-ball, but another spectacular electric storm washed out most of the final session.
This was a highly eventful race last year with a dramatic electric storm delaying the race by nearly twenty minutes.
It will be available in Silver Sky Metallic, Black Currant Metallic and Electric Storm Blue.
Capping the restyle in high style are three additions to the color palette: Silver Sky Metallic, Black Currant Metallic and Electric Storm Blue.
I was on the proving flight of an aircraft in the Gulf which later blew apart, killing everyone on board; on another with a suspect engine which hit an electric storm in the Congo; on a French ship which even senior crew thought might sink in the Atlantic; I was a passenger in a car written off in South Africa, a passenger in another which ran into a lamp standard in the Gulf and I was also knocked flying off a bicycle as a child in the UK.
Warlocks can harness the power of an electric storm, Hunters can carve a bow formed from gravitational void energy, and Titans can summon a flaming hammer to sear adversaries from a range or deliver a devastating melee impact.
The aftermath of the electric storm left frustrated golfers unable to play out of the bunkers which had been reduced to swollen pits brimming with water after the midsummer downpours.
An electric storm forced the England and Honduras players back into the dressing rooms midway through the first half.