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a socket into which a lightbulb can be inserted

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The 'STORAGE' project will take three years to work out how this material can be used in car body structures, and be charged overnight, simply by plugging it in an electric socket overnight.
It can be charged via an electric socket and has batteries that give it 12 hours of continuous power.
The low cost pallet truck runs off two 12V batteries and plugs directly into a standard electric socket to re-charge.
charged at home, using the normal household electric socket.
According to the automaker, the model will mark the next development stage for hybrid drive because the battery can be loaded from a conventional 220 volt electric socket, which will help it to cover a range of between 50 and 60 kilometres.
But one day, even certifiable lunatics will refuse to get in the plane and spend the day sticking their fingers in an electric socket instead.
The energy efficient DUALjack is easy to install-simply plug a phone line into the base station and plug the base station into an electric socket.
It would be powered with a plug that can be used with an electric socket or a car battery power source.
He forced a third to play Russian roulette -pretending the gun was loaded -and tied wire round the neck of a fourth, threatening to push the ends into an electric socket.
We purchased one of the gadgets to plug into the electric socket on agreement that we would get our money back if it did not work.
The new car, to be released in November, can be charged by plugging it into a conventional household electric socket.
Managing Editor Rebecca Wolf said the paper and police are stumped about who planted the bug and why -- and even how long it had been transmitting from behind an electric socket in the newsroom.
Her father said it was more like having your hands stuck in an electric socket.
In this application, the CarinaPoint Ethernet Metering Device (EMD)(TM) resides in a collar base mounted between the residential electric socket and the electric meter at the customer's premises.
If you will not allow your child to play with an electric socket or give him matchsticks as a toy, why do you think it is okay to give him or her a gadget which can introduce them to lot of inappropriate content?