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Synonyms for electric shock

the use of electricity to administer punishment or torture

trauma caused by the passage of electric current through the body (as from contact with high voltage lines or being struck by lightning)

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The house was thrilled as with an electric shock, and the people half rose as if to seek a glimpse of the person who had made that exchange.
If now you should turn your head you would see a simultaneous movement among the spectators a start, as if they had received an electric shock - and looking forward again to the now distant horseman you would see that he has in that instant altered his direction and is riding at an angle to his former course.
The feeling was not like an electric shock, but it was quite as sharp, as strange, as startling: it acted on my senses as if their utmost activity hitherto had been but torpor, from which they were now summoned and forced to wake.
Ruins and basilicas, palaces and colossi, set in the midst of a sordid present, where all that was living and warm-blooded seemed sunk in the deep degeneracy of a superstition divorced from reverence; the dimmer but yet eager Titanic life gazing and struggling on walls and ceilings; the long vistas of white forms whose marble eyes seemed to hold the monotonous light of an alien world: all this vast wreck of ambitious ideals, sensuous and spiritual, mixed confusedly with the signs of breathing forgetfulness and degradation, at first jarred her as with an electric shock, and then urged themselves on her with that ache belonging to a glut of confused ideas which check the flow of emotion.
It seemed to him that he had intruded upon the holy of holies, and slowly and carefully he moved his head aside from the contact which thrilled him like an electric shock and of which she had not been aware.
At the little laugh of Chief Inspector Heat's he spun swiftly on his heels, as if whirled away from the window-pane by an electric shock.
However, helper Abdul Waheed received serious electric shocks and shifted to the hospital in critical condition.
His father Mohammad Ali, father-in-law Ahmed Ali, brother-in-law Khurram and another relative, Farooq, also received electric shocks while trying to save each other, said Kalri SHO Gul Hasan.
Islamabad -- The ministry of interior took notice of torturing detainees with electric shocks in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and sought report from the federal police in this regard.
Police said Mohammad Azeem, 40, of Sakhar received fatal electric shocks when he was passing through the rainwater with a switched off motorcycle.
A MAN removed his curfew monitoring tag after complaining that it gave him electric shocks.
HUNDREDS of dangerous phone and laptop chargers which can cause electric shocks have been found in a Benton warehouse by trading standards.
We have had cases of mild to severe electric shocks that people have received in bathrooms and kitchens," said Ajay Chaturvedi, the head of Emergency Medical Services at the American Heart Association, Dubai.
Al-Dosari revealed that the number of cases due to rainfall in the province reached 13 cases in Dammam, including 12 cases of electric shocks and one case because of rainwater leakage inside homes.