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a kitchen range in which the heat for cooking is provided by electric power

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When we asked the customers, the number-one response was greater electric range," Fletcher answers.
Liberty Electric Cars, an Oxford-based company, is producing more than 1,000 units of the electric Range Rover.
ADVANCED: Liberty Electric Car developed an electric Range Rover with a top speed of 100mph
She would cook the entire meal, demonstrating how the guests, too, could prepare a meal this fine on an electric range of their very own.
Since 50 percent of Americans do not drive more than 20 miles per day, the electric range of a plug-in hybrid would power nearly all of our daily driving.
By effectively adding existing hydraulic components to its standard electric range Arburg has also trimmed the price, and the Hidrive is being sold at 25 per cent less than its Alldrive electric equivalents, and 15 per cent more than the equivalent standard hydraulic Allrounder.
com, the range "makes the most compelling case for upgrading from a traditional electric range to induction.
Framework contract for one year about 150 cars small cars, 530 car compact car Combi, 10 car compact car Combi Natural Gas, 30 cars and 15 passenger electric compact car compact car electric Range Extender.
Furthermore, the all-electric driving performance has been substantially improved with regard to electric acceleration, the electric range and electric top speed.
The electric range varies with terrain, climate and driving style.
BRIGHT SPARK Tim Lamb general manager of the Metrocentre with the new E-Range electric Range Rover
The new FB20-35K PAC bears a close resemblance to the company existing 4 wheel electric range.
7-kWh battery pack for up to 20 miles of electric range, with a combined output of 436bhp and 479lb-ft of torque.
He added: "The Liberty Electric Range Rover takes electric vehicle technology into a new sector, to large luxury cars that people aspire to drive, particularly in cities and urban environments where environmental controls are becoming increasingly tighter.
Developed for protecting electric range and dryer cords, this metal strain relief clamp will extend cord life and reinforce the cord connection in any high voltage or critical application.