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the product of voltage and current

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10 Japan -- Electric Power Equipment Demand by Market & Product
As the world's leading conference for the power generation industry, ELECTRIC POWER distinguishes itself by featuring the largest and most diverse mix of industry experts and visionaries," said David I.
More than 70 percent of donations made by individuals in 2009 to the political fund management body of the Liberal Democratic Party came from executives, including retired ones, of Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Table 10: World Electric Power Generation: Growth Trajectory
The report describes the Electric Power Steering market by product types, modules, fuel types, components, geography, and industry verticals.
As complete liberalization of the retail market of electric power for households could come as early as 2016, it is expected that an increasing number of electric power companies based in other regions will enter the Tokyo metropolitan area market, where the population is dense.
They join Tokyo Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power Co.
Cogeneration can be a fully self-reliant energy source, generating enough electric power onsite for the entire building, while capturing the waste heat from the generating equipment usually a gas reciprocating engine, combustion turbine, micro-turbine or fuel cell.
S&P) on Wednesday lowered credit ratings for Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Japan's 10 electric power companies and three of its four city gas suppliers announced Wednesday they are planning charge hikes from April because of rises in oil prices.
Reynolds saved a bundle on the partial deregulation of electric power in Idaho, Wagner explained.
1980 - Energy Information Administration (EIA), Electric Power Monthly, March 1991, Table 4, and (for geothermal energy and other) FERC, Form FPC-4, "Monthly Power Plant Report.
The Federal Reserve will publish revisions of its measures of industrial production (IP), capacity, capacity utilization, and industrial use of electric power on January 7, 1997.
The van has a top speed of 70 mph and travels only 100 miles between charges, but Santa Clarita officials think that electric power could have a future within the city's limits of 43 square miles.
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