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electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity

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At ten minutes to eleven in the evening, the electric light reappeared three miles to windward of the frigate, as pure, as intense as during the preceding night.
The electric light went out suddenly, and two enormous waterspouts broke over the bridge of the frigate, rushing like a torrent from stem to stern, overthrowing men, and breaking the lashings of the spars.
The electric light man was here for a few minutes, sir.
After the Kansas City flood of 1903, when the drenched city was without railways or street-cars or electric lights, it was the telephone that held the city together and brought help to the danger-spots.
Only the electric light remained, a milestone on the path of the great human adventure.
In the middle of the bridge, and at each end, were electric lights.
He raised the curtains leading into a small anteroom, and turned up the electric light.
Not a penny will these people be the worse, except for their washing and their electric light, and I mean to leave enough to cover both items.
The electric light was on, as it generally was by day, and under it stood as formidable a figure as ever I encountered in my life of crime.
In the dust and the steam the electric lights would shine like far-off twinkling stars--red and blue-green and purple stars, according to the color of the mist and the brew from which it came.
There was a sharp snick as the electric light was turned on.
He moved suddenly towards the electric lights, but was pushed back by an unseen hand.
Sir Edward Bransome made his way to his study, opened the door with a Yale key, turned on the electric lights, and crossed slowly to the hearthrug.
Instead, down in the basement of the New Washington Hotel, where electric lights burned always, under the care of the baggage porter, he was tied securely by the neck in the midst of Alpine ranges of trunks which were for ever being heaped up, sought over, taken down, carried away, or added to.
It was an immense place, lofty and gilt, upholstered in red plush, full of electric lights and so thoroughly warmed that even the marble tables felt tepid to the touch.