electric guitar

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a guitar whose sound is amplified by electrical means

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The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global electric guitar market for 2016-2020.
This record is for most people playing electric guitar at the same time and same tune.
THREE electric guitars were stolen in a burglary in South Tyneside.
The town's Rescue Hall is where Paul McCartney rst played an electric guitar.
For a link to the history of the electric guitar, visit: www.
First known as a brilliant guitarist, Paul went on to change the course of music, pioneering the shift from acoustic to electric guitar and inventing multi-track recording.
Electric guitar soloist looking for a classic flare will be pleased with the selection of twenty-five electric honky-tonk solos comprising "Nashville Country Lead Guitar", by veteran music educator Larry McCabe as he presents electric guitar solos for those playing electric guitar for aspiring and practicing country music guitarists at the intermediate level.
APAIR of electric guitar designers are hoping to make some noise in their home town with their own brand of instruments.
But that wasn't always the case, and there was a time when electric guitar was something of a renegade instrument.
A Gibson Flying V electric guitar, used by Bolan, was sold recently at auction and made a very big noise.
She also plays all the bottleneck acoustic and power-chord electric guitar on her new album, as well as copious blues harp and, strangely but pleasingly, mandolin.
Their latest titles range from violins and fiddles, to the electric guitar, jazz guitar, the piano, and even the mandolin.
Its nine original songs declare the state of the nation in urgent declarative sentences ("America needs a leader") sung to folkish melodies over Young's patented wash of distorted electric guitar and lumbering bass-and-drums thud.
There's a little bit of the outlaw in the electric guitar," marketer Simons says.
On other tracks the cutting-edge jazz artist Bill Frisell paints a deep-hued soundtrack with his quietly reverberant electric guitar.