electric glow

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In addition to its electric glow, this room contained a ramshackle light show of its own.
Braithwaite describes his own art as "writing in light" (an expression, it would seem, referring to the electric glow of a computer screen) and this celestial topos reflects the sense of cosmic chaos that governs his work.
With 11 new tracks - plus the electric glow of Ronnie Lane's classic Debris - it features the sparkling title track Stay; the almost auto biographical Good Times Have Done Me Wrong and the decadently romantic The World And You Tonight.
Kurosawa creates some striking imagery, in Yuji's dreams of the future or in the ghostly electric glow of the red jellyfish, representing almost the only color in an otherwise bled-out visual field.
A shock wave of anger registers like a Richter scale eight on faces illuminated by the monitor's electric glow.