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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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London based Electric Eye has been installing CCTV systems in shops, petrol stations, banks and hotels for more than six years and was recently awarded Approved Installer status as part of the Philips Observation Systems Installer Program.
With the format skewing heavily toward women, Bos said items such as hair removal, electric eye lash curlers and foot baths are top sellers.
An electric eye that scans all food-grade peanuts for visual defects could one day do the same for wheat kernels.
The plant depends on an electric eye to determine how fast the bottles emerge from the rinser.
The system tells the operato which part number to install in the engine before him or her, lights a lamp ove the correct pigeonhole and activates an electric eye across it.
The device, popularly known as an electric eye, is more property called a photoelectric or photovoltaic cell.
When garbage does down in breaks an electric eye and compacts the garbage right into a plastic bay," he said.
Faucets activated by an electric eye so that hands passed underneath turn on the water.
Underwood says he is happy with $68,00 phone system; her only complaint is with the electric eye in the cradle, which disconnects when the handset is set down.
Install motor operator, electric eye, and all ground exit loops.
There is a screen of varying transparency mounted in the main camera lens system that is moved in accord with the amount of light that the electric eye sees, letting more light fail on the photographic plate when necessary.
Throw on that Electric Eye Muscle 7", kick up your heels and swing your fists
Container transfer and indexing is accomplished via chain driven live roller conveyors with electric eye sensing.
An electric eye at the feed throat detects when material is tossed into the throat and starts up the machine.
All entries will be sorted by computerised equipment with an electric eye that reads addresses and postcodes.