electric cord

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a light insulated conductor for household use

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They ate the cord off of the stock tank heater and the electric cord attached to it.
Park Yong-ha, 33, is believed to have "impulsively" hanged himself with the electric cord of his camcorder at his Seoul home hours after he came home intoxicated, Seoul's Gangnam Police Station said in a statement.
The double-ended electric cord was plugged into the mixer at one end and into the wall outlet at the other.
The jury was told during the week-long trial that his death had been caused by multiple injuries to the neck, face, arms and abdomen, including fractures to cartilage and bones in his neck as Mr Ripsher was choked with an electric cord.
With this iron, the electric cord is actually attached to a base and the iron is placed on the base when not in use.
Misawa takes a piece of black polymide film connected to an electric cord, he plugs the cord into an outlet atop a large table and invites us to touch the film.
According to investigations, Kikuchi wrapped Kiseki in a blanket, tied her up with an electric cord, and left her at their home on Saturday morning.
So it is much easier to run an electric cord and power 15 conveyor/ screen motors off of one generator.
THIS flex-free appliance gives you the freedom to move around while you're curling and the absence of an electric cord gives improved co-ordination when trying to reach tough bits at the back of your head.
Just make sure that the pad has been set on "low" and that the electric cord is not crushed by the drawer.
He had been stabbed six times in the chest and had an electric cord wrapped around his neck.
A Jack Russell puppy had also been battered and strangled with electric cord.
Suppose an electrician and a mathematician were reviewing a new product and analyzing the number of shocks that occurred when the product's electric cord was plugged into a socket.
The children, who were then 6 to 14 years old, were seized in July 2001 from their home when they told West of beatings with a fly-swatter handle, a belt and an electric cord that sometimes left marks.
It can be recharged at 100-volt sockets in ordinary Japanese houses as it has a 5-meter electric cord.