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a clock using a small electric motor

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In a marketing campaign by the company in the 1960s, David Ogilvy, also known as the father of marketing, had said that at a speed of 60 miles per hour, the only noise one can hear in a Rolls Royce cabin is the electric clock ticking.
That may mean something as simple as moving an electric clock a few feet away from your bedside table, or as complicated as rethinking your cell phone and wireless Internet usage or where you live.
This electric clock once hung in the company's Liverpool outpost and is believed to date from the 1930s.
Switch from electric clock radios to battery operated ones, or move your electric dock radio well away from your head while you're in bed.
Bradford Bulls' Kiwi international Joe Vagana - 19st 7lb and with a glare that would stop an electric clock at twenty paces - has opened his own beauty salon for men and women.
volume) 55 Fluorescent Light (60-watt equivalent) 15 Electric Clock 4 Clothes Washer * (vertical-axis) 650 Clothes Washer (horizontal-axis) 250 Vacuum Cleaner 900 Computer (Modem/desktop) 55 Inkjet Printer 35 Hair dryer 1,500 * Does not include startup power
An electric clock with a battery back up because the electric's always cutting out at home.
There are other sources of high EMFs, such as your microwave or your electric clock next to your bed.
and inventor Henry Warren designed the first electric clock.
By then you were asleep: and woke in time to watch the illuminated numerals of an electric clock turn like a page, remembering the title of that unfinished book.
The first pipeless Hammond organ was produced by Laurens Hammond, an electric clock manufacturer of Chicago, Ill.
Such talent as wrote "It takes a Tough Man to Make a Tender Chicken," or "At 60 Miles an Hour the Loudest Sound You Can Hear Is the Tick of the Electric Clock," or "Starting Dec.
Two clocks appear on the Bell-Smith canvas, the mechanical clock of St James Cathedral, eclipsed by the splendid new electric clock that in September 1893 was exhibited by the J.
A new addition to the fair is an electric clock specialist who can offer a repair service as well as offering clocks for sale.
It's an electric clock and when it was struck by lightning it affected the electrics.