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Military equipment (such as a weapon, sidearm, or binoculars) is connected to TNT or a mine by wires to an electric circuit or antihandling device.
This agreement provided the funding to embark on a three-year reliability and resiliency project to further strengthen key electric circuits that were identified as vulnerable to severe storms.
An analogy magnetic system--electric system Magnetic circuit Electric circuit * Magnetic flux--[PHI] * Current--I * Magnetomotive force--[THETA] * Voltage--U Table 2.
Dump enough junk between the keys and the circuit board below--a "mini-computer" equipped with hundreds of pulsing electric circuit switches--will eventually bonk.
Overloading could cause an electric circuit to fail or start a fire.
The other describes the coronal loop in terms of an equivalent electric circuit with the effective resistance, inductance, and capacitance.
The initial investigation of the first fire scene showed that the blaze was sparked by an electric circuit and the case was referred to the RAK Police and the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa) which jointly launched an investigation.
have created the memristor, a piece of an electric circuit with baggage: Its history determines its electrical resistance.
An electric circuit which killed a young plumber might have been tampered with.
A circuit breaker is an electrical switch used to protect an electric circuit from short-circuiting and overloading.
The microbes pump more than 80 percent of the glucose's removable electrons from the chamber's liquid into an electric circuit, the scientists report in the October Nature Biotechnology.
The researchers say that they have crossed the wires like Mikado sticks in the contact, and coupled several contacts together in an electric circuit.
Rather than sending trucks to patrol for problems along an electric circuit during outages, this technology helps direct the crews where they are needed.
The X6 switch expands the existing Johnson Electric circuit breaker switch portfolio which covers all switch applications in circuit breakers including:
html About Circuit Breaker market A circuit breaker is an electrical switch used to protect an electric circuit from short-circuiting and overloading.