electric charge

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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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We now turn to the intrinsic electric charge distribution within the photon wave-packet volume, representing an important but somewhat speculative part of the present analysis.
A pure electric charge is not measureable and is thus reasonably represented by an imaginary energy.
From the way the electrons scatter off the particles, it's been possible to infer the locations and strengths of the electric charges and magnetic fields of the nucleons.
If the wall has been lined in foil-backed insulating paper, the foil will conduct the electric charge and skew the results.
Three would have a neutral charge and one each would have a negative and positive electric charge.
In this paper, we suggest that the nature has four fundamental elements, which are: mass M, radiation y, electric charge Q, and color charge C.
The water droplets on the crystal with no electric charge froze at -12.
When a muon hits the detector, the particle produces a tiny electric charge.
One deputy fired a Taser stun gun - which emits a electric charge through wires attached to darts - and struck the man, but he continued toward them as if it had no effect, a Sheriff's Department statement said.
The electric charge across cell membranes directs many aspects of brain development, scientists report in the March 11 Journal of Neuroscience.
The ALPHA experiment reports a measurement of the electric charge of antihydrogen atoms, finding it to be compatible with zero to eight decimal places.
These lights occur most often around the North Pole and South Pole because the incoming particles have an electric charge.
Therefore, the most appropriate is to replace the electric charge in formulae Coulomb and Ampere with the ultimate momentum of the electron [m.
In a battery, the electric charge moves through the electrolyte.
Once the electric charge in the battery is used up, the car switches to its hybrid system.