electric charge

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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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Now, using the <<particle--water film>> electrostatic system formed in an ascending warm air stream with its DEL, it is possible to return to the estimated evaluation of the negative electric charge [q.
Levin and his colleagues stained developing embryos with dyes that glow more or less intensely depending on variations in electric charge in cell membranes.
Examples of substances that can carry electric charge in a non-conducting liquid are various oxidized oil components (as a result of processing), contaminating agents (acquired during processing and handling), metal salts, and other ionized additives.
The result, based on 386 recorded events, gives a value of the antihydrogen electric charge as (-1.
Only the number of electric charges z is meaningful for the force of electrical and magnetic interaction.
ion An atom or group of atoms having an electric charge, acquired from gaining or losing an electron.
After performing the analysis, it can be concluded that the metalic powder cladding with electric charge improve the qualities of the deposit layers, using the following parameters: metallization distance = 100 [mm], U = 12 [V], I = 800 [mA].
The first systematic studies in this field where those by Vinogradov and coworkers [6, 7], who used measurements of electric charge on extrudates to evidence wall slip in the spurt flow regime during the capillary extrusion of flexible polymers, mainly rubbers.
Piezoelectric fibers, a piezoceramic wafer or a piezoceramic unimorph structure are mounted within the tire such that an electric charge is generated as the wheel assembly moves along a ground surface and is stored in energy storage devices.
The weapon fires a two-pronged dart into the victim, delivering an electric charge of 50,000 volts in a five-second burst.
Many residents of the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys may be getting an electric shock, but not the kind that comes from an electric charge.
A positive electric charge and a negative electric charge are needed to produce electricity.
Most leases allow for the landlord to adjust the tenant's electric charge if the electric rates change for the buildings.
Electrodes placed at the ends of the channels would convert the electric charge into clean electric power, says the team of physicists.
The essential idea of the ECCS is to place an accurately known electric charge, by counting individually each of about [10.