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A full charge of the Focus Electric battery in three to four hours will deliver a 100-mile range, says Ford, although charging times may vary depending on local power supplies.
What Car's Green Car of the Year 2011, the Vauxhall Ampera qualifies for the plug-in grant because it is capable of travelling on purely electric power from a rechargeable electric battery for up to 60 miles, but also has a small petrol engine for recharging the battery on the move, which extends the range to up to 350 miles.
Segways reach speeds of 20 kilometres per hour and is equipped with an electric battery enabling it to travel a distance of 39 kilometers on a charge.
2 seconds, while the electric battery takes just 4.
From a reminder to recharge a depleting electric battery to giving street directions, the car will be able to send a range of messages directly to devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices.
Volvo test showed that 300 kg electric battery of C30 did not get any injuries in the tests.
There's also a back-up electric battery for when there are less passengers.
However, the developments in technology, economy and services that transpired at the time, tipped the balance in favour of cars that operate on gasoline instead of electricity, as it became possible to drive a gasoline fuelled car for bigger distances than electric cars, without the need to add more fuel and instead of charging the electric battery.
Pedals give way to an electric battery drivetrain in the 3R-C concept due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week.
The Electric Car Corporation, specialise in, you've guessed it, electric cars and has chosen the C1 city car as the vehicle for its electric battery technology.
said Wednesday it has become the world's first automaker to begin commercial leasing of hydrogen-gasoline hybrid vehicles fueled also by an electric battery.
Italian scient- Ist and inventor of the electric battery.
In addition, TNT, which has its head logistics office in Atherstone, Warwickshire, is also piloting other Smith Electric battery powered vans and trucks in the Netherlands.