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the body of enfranchised citizens

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Nominated councillor for Salajwe ward, Mr Keganeditswe Letshwenyo said he had trust that the electorate in the Salajwe ward 'have learnt from your mistake of voting in the opposition in 2014, and that you will not repeat the mistake.
Section 3 of the Electoral Act, the provision defining the Maori electoral population, and section 45, the provision instructing the Electoral Commission to divide the country into Maori electorates, will be entrenched.
The decision of the British electorate on May 7 to keep the Conservative government in power may grate with many people who regard the Conservatives as a nasty privileged party of ruthless upper class toffs, but it will enable them to finish the job of steering the economy from chaos to prosperity.
Third, in the present equation Sisi represents the military establishment, which weighs in the mind of the Egyptian electorate more heavily than individual political parties whose performance has yet to be tested.
The MQM leader said that the court ordered the ECP a year ago to create new electorates according to the spirit of the constitution and law and the ECP did not begin the exercise because delimitation prior to national census was not legal.
PRINCETON, NJ -- The composition of the electorate for the 2012 presidential election is looking quite similar to what it was in 2008 as well as 2004, according to an analysis of the demographics of Gallup's likely voter sample since Oct.
Government has spent millions of pounds advertising seeking all the electorate to use their vote, but do they really mean it?
Even taking the proposed 30 seats for Wales, the mean constituency electorate for the proposed 7 seats in North Wales is close to 77,120, while that for the remaining 23 seats it is just 75,730.
Even allowing for the proposed 30 seats for Wales, the average constituency electorate for the proposed seven seats for North Wales is 77,119, while for the remaining 23 seats it is just 75,729.
With a campaign focus on Mr Albanese's electorate, there are other activities being planned at community locations and Mr Albanese has been invited to meet with nurses from his electorate.
In this article, we trace changes in the Southern Democratic and Republican primary electorates between 1988 and 2008 to explore the implications of the regional realignment for nomination politics.
Trying to give electorates an articulate voice and say definitively
The British and Danish euroskeptic vision of a Europe of nation states--moving together at different speeds, opting out of those parts of the project that do not command popular support among their electorates, and giving up sovereignty on some areas, such as the environment, where pan-European action is clearly desirable-would be far closer to being realized.
As usual, the key is the independent swing vote, now the fastest growing and most volatile of the electorates.
In the West, two social systems contend for sovereignty: national electorates and international markets.