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the body of enfranchised citizens

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Many of the electorate will never forgive these undemocratic MPs, they will then find out they are accountable to the electorate, not vice versa.
Mr Nyanga thus urged electorate to desist from using the transfer provision for purposes of voter trafficking.
It is not an attack on free speech, but to ensure we, the electorate, always get the truth.
In Darlaston South, where Doug James held the seat for Labour, the figure was 22.15 per cent, and in the Conservative gain of Bloxwich East, 21.48 per cent of the electorate voted in the poll.
Prioritise the needs of the electorate, we put you in power precisely for that.
The first was in 2001-2002 in relation to the Nice Treaty and the second in 2008-9 relating to the Lisbon Treaty, when the Irish electorate was told by Brussels that they had got it wrong and to try again.
The present group do not deserve to be re-elected, they have demonstrated a lack of quality, but under our system it is difficult to see a method for the electorate to express its disgust at the present incumbents.
A fractured mandate is nothing but a demonstration of the electorate's contrasting dreams and nightmares.
The electorate comprising mostly of young men and women, as well as a few old people, chanted songs of victory to celebrate the electoral victory of the PDP which is believed to be a stronghold in the area.
There is no more straightforward way by which the electorate can comparatively assess senatorial aspirants than debates.
In an error made by many politicians who resort thoughtlessly to cliches, he further refers to the referendum result as 'the will of the UK electorate'.
Quality Candidates are now being sought Australia-wide as candidates for Federal, State and Territory and Local Councils, that are committed to the need to build the support of their electorate. Candidates that understand that it is a passionate long-term commitment, to listen to and represent their people.
The leaders of both the former ruling parties while bluntly refusing the verdict of the electorate in favour of the PTI time and again allege that the incumbent prime minister has been brought to power by the establishment and not by the electorate.
The electorate, comprising a total of 250794 voters, will seal the fate of 156 candidates in the districts.