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PPP Senator Saeed Ghani said that he is in favor of electoral reforms to improve the electoral system in the country.
Neither the electoral system nor the campaigning period is transparent or democratic enough.
In addition, local civil society organizations will be enabled to conduct civic education on the new electoral system and to ensure local observation of elections.
He said due to this situation the PTI proposed that it would give its proposals for reformation of the electoral system.
They're a genuinely national party (unlike us), which means even their one-in-four or one-in-five votes probably won't get them a single MP - the electoral system will see to that.
Structural changes in the electoral system need to be determined by the country's legislature and a broad consensus in the Parliament.
Curtis is on firmer ground when he argues that there are also other reasons than the electoral system for both the koenkai's continuation and its decline.
35 of March 18th, 1990), drafted and adopted for the elections in May 1990, established the election of the President by a majority vote in two rounds (for more details about the majoritarian electoral system in two rounds, see Martin, 1999: 50-53) and of the members of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies--by a party-list proportional representation in multi-member constituencies (article 2).
Dawoud said that 23 of the attendees voted in favour of holding parliamentary elections using the individual candidates' electoral system, 53 voted in favour of using a mixed electoral system and 6 voted in favour of using electoral lists only.
CARTHAGE (TAP) - The political parties taking part in the national dialogue initiated by the Presidency of the Republic agreed on Friday to keep the October 23, 2011, electoral system with some modifications.
The recommendations included giving consideration to undertake periodic boundary delimitation and starting a national and inclusive dialogue among Jordanians to decide on the electoral system that expresses the aspirations and wishes of the people for a future government.
The move follows an agreement between the LDP, its ally the New Komeito party and the Democratic Party of Japan last November to work for electoral system reform, including reducing the number of seats in the 480-seat chamber, by the end of the ordinary Diet session this year.
Jordan had passed on July 23, 2012 the new electoral system, which raised the number of the parliamentary seats from 120 to 150, by 27 seats for the national list and 108 seats for the local constituencies, in addition to 15 seats for women's quota.
Members said that the rally, the fifth to be organised by the opposition, should be held as scheduled to pile up public pressure to hold fresh elections under the old electoral system that gave every voter the right to elect four candidates.