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the office of elder

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The subject of the order is "purchase of electricity for the poviat eldership in bochnia and units making a joint order" with a total volume of 4,405,163 kwh (+/- 25%).
Thus, while faction fighting increased in frequency and intensity in the 1980s, older ideals of eldership remained.
6) He distinguishes such ideological systems from mundane patterns of power that might more broadly be termed 'social hierarchies' --systems of achieved or hereditary rank, hierarchies of chieftainship or eldership or gender--seeing these as necessarily and fundamentally separate.
In Africa, the governing system used were chiefdoms, eldership and kingship along separate tribal groupings
John says he refers to mindfulness in terms of perspective, being wise, noticing, being simple, acceptance and eldership with his executive clients.
What they have written down includes their rich life experiences, their conversations with their eldership, teachers or friends, or what they had seen and heard during their officialdom, or their reports and notes from research, etc.
Focusing on the revival of spiritual eldership (starchestvo) and monasticism and the veneration of saints' relics in imperial Russia, as well as the survival of these forms of religious life during the Soviet era, they provide valuable insight into the nature of spiritual authority among the Orthodox faithful during the 19th and 20th centuries, the responsiveness of Orthodox institutions to modernizing change, and the influence of shared religious experience on personal and collective identities.
Brennan attempted to address this confusion in his concurrence in Maryland and Virginia Eldership of Churches of God v.
when people start calling you an Elder, seek your mentorship and you start sharing your knowledge in the community and you take on those responsibilities of Eldership, that is when you're an Elder.
The initiator of the amendment, parliamentarian Algimantas Dumbrava, proposed that a new license for establishing a new pharmacy or its branch would be issued heeding the actual number of inhabitants in an eldership, except of those in the countryside.
Through description of his own journey trying to understand legacy and questions of meaning and existence (much of it explained through dialogue with elders in his own life), he explores the concept of eldership, in which elders who have experience can see the broader perspective and hold leaders to account, a position that is beyond leadership and a goal to aspire to.
In the course of researching and writing his first book, Ojibwe Singers (2000), Michael McNally observed that Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) society accords a different stature to elders, both male and female, and to eldership as a stage of life generally than does American society despite more than a century of acculturative programs and the acceptance by many Anishinaabeg of Christianity.
Eldership is the process though which elders, who have historically been viewed as the caretakers and conveyors of cultural knowledge to youth, also instruct, model, and reinforce appropriate behaviors.
Initiation was effective for enough men to guarantee eldership, wise men, men who moved beyond ego, control, and power into the "second half of life," the non-dualistic mind that we call wisdom.