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(Coleoptera: Elateridae), with a description of the larva and comments on elaterid relationships.
The hind wings appear capable of flight in the male, but the female (although currently unknown) may be flightless and display the reduced morphologic features observed in some psammophilous elaterids from Florida (e.g., Selonodon spp.
Larvae of elaterids, known as wireworms, are often found in rotting logs and among plant roots, in leaf litter and under rocks.
Coccinellids were the most frequently encountered beetles followed by cucujids and elaterids. Coccinellids (ladybird beetles) are predaceous and are abundant on aphid-infested vegetation whereas cucujids (flat bark beetles) occur on and under the bark of trees where they feed on mites and other small insects (Borrer et al., 1989).
The species of Euthysanius from California, Arizona and Utah, are the only other elaterids in the Americas with 12 antennomeres.
Previous experiments showed that early planting in Alabama effectively reduced LCB populations in both conventionally and reduced-tillage peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.), but the tillage systems did not effect population levels of LCB and predators including carabids, elaterids, and labidurids in pitfall traps (Mack & Backman 1990).
Many groups of arthropods, including spiders, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, elaterids, and staphylinids were unaffected by the treatments (data not shown), but interesting trends were observed in some others.