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any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber (resumes its original shape when a deforming force is removed)

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* An easy solution for positioning the LCD as well as a slotted Zebra strip holder for connection between the elastomeric connector and the PC board.
Interconnection is made by deflecting the elastomeric connector between mirror image pad patterns on mating substrates.
These solderless component assemblies are comprised of the electronic components (a microphone, a vibratory motor or a speaker), a rubber boot and elastomeric connector. The rubber boot holds and aligns the electronic component to the elastomer while enabling the assembly to fit compressively into the front-cover housing of a portable device.
(CCI) has made available the Isocon[C] elastomeric connector, a solderless connect system with inter pin wiping action" to provide a reliable, low cost and low maintenance connection suited for low profile board-to-board applications.
The report also includes a section that provides detailed discussions of 22 end uses, including electromechanical products, printed circuit boards, encapsulation, conformal and other dielectric coatings, optical fiber and cable (fiber optics), base films for magnetic recording media, polymers in laser-recorded media, conductive elastomeric connectors, and piezoelectric and pyroelectric films.