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any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber (resumes its original shape when a deforming force is removed)

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[ClickPress, Wed Mar 07 2018] Mark Tool and Elite Elastomers entered into a joint venture focused on the research, development, and end-use application for complete elastomeric subsea high temperature thermal insulation systems which can be installed via three methods to include S-Lay, J-Lay, and Reel-Lay.
It can also be used as a topcoat over polyurethane elastomeric base coats for improved traffic and impact resistance." Further reported benefits include: inorganic materials that provide durability and longer wear; easy application with a sprayer, roller, or brush; application at low temperatures, to 10[degrees]C; and no thinning or reducing required, www.spf.bayermaterialscience.com.
This paper reviews the basic chemistry and development of three coatings systems currently available: 100% solids elastomeric polyurethane, 100% solids elastomeric polyurea and 100% solids rigid (or structural) polyurethane.
Liquid Applied Membranes Market - by Type (Elastomeric, Bituminous, and Cementitious), by End-Use Industry (Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, and Public Infrastructure) and by Region - Global Forecast To 2020
* Exultra 3000--a patent-pending three-ply formable product consisting of an elastomeric cap layer laminated to an expanded elastomeric foam middle, which is laminated to a thermoplastic olefin core.
(CCI) has made available the Isocon[C] elastomeric connector, a solderless connect system with inter pin wiping action" to provide a reliable, low cost and low maintenance connection suited for low profile board-to-board applications.
(P&G) of Cincinnati to develop and commercialize P&G's new metallocene catalyst technology for elastomeric polypropylene resins.
Blocks of elastomeric material called `spiders' are being used to connect hubs and help jaw couplings improve power and transmission equipment.
Key statement: A raw elastomeric composition in free-flowing pellet form is described, which comprises a raw elastomer with molecular weight from 50,000 to 400,000 Da, and an anti-block agent comprising inorganic fillers, capable of forming emulsions in water.
Conwed manufactures elastomeric netting that has becom.e an alternative to other stretch materials such as spandex, films and elastic nonwovens.
The elastomeric compound is said to "dramatically" reduce extractables and eliminate drug contamination problems caused by commonly used sealing compounds.