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Synonyms for elasticized

made with strands or inserts of elastic


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Narrow elastic fabrics are used as apparel components -- such as elasticized waistbands for men's and boy's underwear, our patented QuikCord(R) in athletic wear and as straps, facings, edgings and waistbands in women's intimate apparel, as well as for elastic waistbands and thigh-high bands in women's hosiery.
Shoe Protection: The Aqua Trak's unique non-stitched, laminated design and its elasticized ankle seal combine to protect the employee's shoes (an important issue for a person earning minimum wage while wearing $100 pair of Nikes) which is attractive to the employee.
Instead, footwear fastens with elasticized shock cord or Velcro.
Applications for single or multi-strand attachment include elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on disposable nonwovens infant diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products.
Revolutionary, fully elasticized protection moves with the body and stays in place without bulges, drawing a streamlined contrast to competitive products.
The first waist region comprises: an elasticized intermediate zone which is elasticized by the first elastic elements, and inelasticized transversely opposite side edge zones which are continuous to transversely opposite sides of said intermediate zone, respectively, and in which said fasteners are attached to said first waist region, wherein said inelasticized side edge zones are free of absorbent material;
Blair has designed an easy fitting, elasticized waist floral crepe skirt complemented by a chain-stitched tea-rose sweater.
valuables pouch for getting through airport security and elasticized phone and pda pockets.
and its subsidiaries manufacture textile products that serve a variety of markets, including the home furnishings, woven apparel, elasticized knit apparel and industrial/medical markets.
A patent has been issued to an absorbent article, which may comprise a topsheet, a backsheet joined with the topsheet, an absorbent core interposed between the topsheet and backsheet; and one or more article elements selected from the group consisting of an anal cuff, an elasticized topsheet, a fastening system, a leg cuff, a waist elastic feature, a side panel, an ear, and combinations thereof.
Patented is an integral disposable elasticized absorbent article which has a front waist portion, a back waist portion, a crotch portion, a pair of spaced apart leg openings, an absorbent core member, and means for tightly fitting the absorbent body to the body of the wearer.
is a diversified manufacturer of textile products serving a variety of markets, including the home furnishings, woven apparel, elasticized knit apparel, automotive, furniture upholstery, consumer products and industrial/medical markets.
Since its launch at IDEA07, Fameccanica has been promoting its BEST unit for baby diapers with zero-trim asymmetric ears, which answers a call for more comfortable, thinner and highly elasticized products.
This elasticized luggage belt wraps around your suitcase with a double-twist action lock.