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Synonyms for elasticized

made with strands or inserts of elastic


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With the SINCRO M machine, it is possible to produce FAPP(tm) low-density packages (FAdis Precision Package), which allows for wide retraction margins of the yarn during the dyeing phase, thus keeping a high residual elasticity percentage of the elasticized yarn.
The judo pants stop at the calf or above the ankle; the elasticized denim shorts can be worn by men; and the black-and-white or graphic printed tops and boxy denim jackets are meant to be unisex.
This holster, designed to turn any type of bag into a CCW holster, has an elasticized nylon holster--which attaches securely with Velcro to a stiff leather backing plate.
Plus it has multiple, elasticized and zippered interior pockets, perfect for separating food, clothing and nappy change items and includes a large coordinated change mat.
Figure contouring creates an early Material Girl vibe - elasticized dresses feature busted corset detailing.
2 soft, elasticized straps that attach using Velcro[R], eliminating taping and allowing access to the radial artery.
The petite teal valise has miniature luggage labels, an elasticized inner pocket and a tiny lock and key, and it is ideal for stowing travel essentials, cosmetics or other precious cargo.
London, Dec 20 (ANI): Abdominal binders, elasticized wraps that are applied around the lower part of the torso to support the abdomen, may endanger women's lives, say experts.
According to Mast, Ratatat's sound--dueling guitar and bass hand-jiving over vintage synth lines and elasticized drum loops--has always been the result of wily experimentation.
The pants are said to have a wider cut and higher rise in the back, elasticized waistbands are fitted with an adjustable cord, and reinforced wrist loops help with dressing.
The Emergency Bandage, however, is an elasticized bandage with a non-adhesive bandage pad sewn in.
Features include leather top collar and leather trimmed epaulets, 100-percent cotton sewn lining, side entry hand warmer roomy patch pockets, pencil pocket, cloth adjustable cuffs, elasticized waistband, inside wallet pocket with zip closure and cell phone pocket.
The injection unit is operated by electrical power, enabling the production of high quality elasticized rubber products by the precise control of the injection speed and pressure by minute adjustment to fill rubber into the exact product formation inside the mold.
A large rear compartment carries wallets, small stuffed toys and other necessary gear, and two elasticized side pockets fit water bottles.
They look just like a normal pair of black leather gloves with an elasticized wrist band, but the inside is different.