elastic potential energy

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potential energy that is stored when a body is deformed (as in a coiled spring)

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Therefore, in fact many elastic systems (including project in each kind of component and so on) does not obey above simple rule (LIU & PENG, 2004), the general elastic potential energy takes the following form
The point of maximum compression, at which the ball has stopped, is another suitable point for a bar of the graph because the kinetic energy will have been transformed into elastic potential energy as well as sound and heat.
When an insect lands, the outer surface of the leaves changes shape slightly, creating elastic potential energy, or stored energy due to being stretched.
As the spring's coils elongate, the pogo gains elastic potential energy, stored energy due to being stretched or compressed.
When Pierce tugs on his long lobes, the skin builds up elastic potential energy (stored energy due to being stretched).